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open speech mark What a lovely place to discover!
If you are visiting I strongly recommend the pastries. With a fresh cup of Italian Coffee, it's the perfect way to start your day.
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La Pasticceria is the Italian pastry shop. You can go early in the morning for a nice pastry (some serve coffee as well--often called a Bar/Pasticceria) or in the afternoon for a sweet. If you need to buy someone in Italy a gift to repay a small kindness, often a small tray of assorted pastries or biscotti (biscuits) from a good Pasticceria is appropriate.

At Trinacria, our mission is to create outstanding artisan pastries. Our products are made from scratch in our pastry workshop and are made by hand. While we specialise in the more exotic pastries of Sicily, we also offer a large range of Italian specialities. Speciality Sicilian sweets from the Pasticceria include Cannolo – a fried pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta cream, Cassata - a traditional dessert made with ricotta cheese, candied peel and homemade sponge soaked in sweet liqueur, Almond biscuits – made with just almonds, sugar and egg white (these are sometimes flavoured and coloured with Pistachio and fruit pastes too) and Marzipan Fruits.


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